Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Healthy Sleep Habits

A healthy and regular sleep pattern plays an important role in child's learning.

Tips for Healthy Sleep Habits:

  • Avoid children watching TV or using the computer before going to bed. the light emitted by these devices 'awakens' the brain.
  • Develop an evening routine that ends with a story time or conversation before bed.
  • Don't give children food or drink containing caffeine in the evening-this includes a number of popular soft drinks.
  • Try to have the same bed time and wake up time.
  • Decide on a bed time routine and stick on it.

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Tirana said...

Anak-anak yang mendapat cukup tidur akan membesar dengan sihat baik dari segi fizikal, mental maupun emosi.

Suzi said...

salam tirana..betul tu.